Leonard and Teodozja Kluziński had three daughters who actively helped the Jewish community. Janina Żelechowska née Kluzińska (born March 8th 1911), Anna Rycerz, née Kluzińska (born August 18th 1905) and Jadwiga Śledź, née Kluzińska (born July 11th 1914) were Home Army soldiers and members of the Council to Aid Jews „Żegota”.

The women sheltered about a dozen or so Jews, using the address at 29 Chmielna St. and 4a Żurawia St. in Warsaw. Moreover, they transported Jews from Warsaw and sought out safe hiding places for them. The women did not expect any payment for their activities, they helped selflessly. For this help they were arrested on 2nd December 1943 and imprisoned in the Pawiak prison.