Tomasz Proczek, with his wife Jadwiga and children Marianna, Natalia, Stanisław and Aleksandra, lived in Kolonia Dąbrowa, near Łaskarzewo. „The son Jan Proczek already had his own family and lived in the extension of the Proczek’s house, he was not registered there as he escaped with his wife and children from bombarded Warsaw”. During the occupation, Tomasz Proczek gave shelter to two Jews from Łaskarzewo, whom he knew before the war. It was a shoemaker and his son.

As a result of a denunciation on 9 December 1942, the Germans came to Proczek’s farm. „Then it was a really judicial day in our area.” (account by Maksymilian Galiński). The Germans shot Tomasz, Jadwiga, Marianne and Natalia in the courtyard. They told Stanisław to point out valuable things and then to seize them. Afterwards, they murdered him too. „But I remember that the whole family was shot, the uncle, the aunt, the two daughters and the son. The estate, all the property, they loaded everything onto the trucks and drove away”. The Germans ordered the Jews to flee first, but eventually they were also shot. On that day, Aleksandra went to a friend who lived nearby, so she survived. From the window of her friend’s house she saw her family executed. Jan and his family, who had a house in the same courtyard, were spared.

After the execution, Jan buried the bodies in the parish cemetery in Łaskarzew. In 1945, Jan and his family and sister Aleksandra settled in the vicinity of Słupsk.