In 1940, Jan Adamczyk (1893-1973) together with his wife, Marianna (1896-1995) and their children, Jan Kazimierz (born 13 September 1930), Helena (1921-1962), Jadwiga (born 15 July 1927) and Lucjanna (born 25 December 1928) were displaced from Oborniki (Wielkopolskie Province) to Denkow (currently, a part of Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski). There, they stayed with the Jewish family of Icek and Sara Frymel, with whom they established a cordial relationship.In particular, the Adamczyk children became very good friends with the Frymel children: Chaim (born 1924), Mojżesz (born 1924) and Blimka. Unfortunately, on 12 October 1942, the remaining Denkow Jews were taken to the local market. Among them were Icek with Sara and Blimka. Initially, it was unclear where they were taken to, but later it turned out that they perished in Treblinka. Before being deported, Icek begged Marianna to save his sons. At that time, Mojżesz and Chaim were in the labour camp in Bodzechów (Świętokrzyskie Province). Throughout their stay there, the Adamczyk family brought them food in secret. In February 1943, the Frymel brothers managed to escape during the liquidation of the camp and, at night, they reached the Adamczyk family who, they asked for shelter. At first, Jan Adamczyk was not in favour of hiding the Frymel brothers because he feared for the lives of his family. The Adamczyk family prepared a hiding-place for them in a room under the floor, the entrance to which was bolted by a bed. Mojżesz and Chaim stayed there at night and in moments of danger. In this way, both families managed to survive until the liberation of Denkov in January 1945. After the War, Chaim emigrated to Israel and Moses to Canada. Despite the distance separating them, they remained in contact with their rescuers for many years.

For their help for the Frymel brothers during World War II, Jan and Marianna Adamczyk were awarded the title of „Righteous Among the Nations” on October 7th, 1975. On January 6, 1997, the title was also given to their children: Jan Kazimierz and Helena Adamczyk, Jadwiga Szczeszak (married name) and Lucjanna Kuźnicka (married name).