Maria Adamczyk lived with her husband Henryk and their children in the village of Bogucice (in the Pińczów district, currently there are 2 villages: Bogucice Pierwsze and Bogucice Drugie). In 1943, the couple gave shelter to the Jewish Rajt family from Pińczów. The Adamczyk farm, situated on the outskirts of the village, not far from the forest, seemed to be an ideal hiding place. Unfortunately, in an unknown way, German gendarmes from Busko Zdrój came across the fugitives. On December 1, 1943, they surrounded the Adamczyk household and demanded that the Jews come out.  Thirteen people left the hiding place and, trying to save their lives, gave all their valuables to the Germans. Despite this, they were murdered. Only one of the people in hiding did not disclose his presence and hid in the attic of the house.

As Henryk was not at home at the time, the gendarmes came to the farm the next day to arrest him. Henryk’s wife and their sons, Stefan (age 13) and Edward (age 14), were also sent to the prison in Busko Zdrój. Maria and Stefan were released after one day, while Edward was sent to forced labour in Germany (he returned in 1945).

On 19th December 1943 Henryk Adamczyk was deported to Auschwitz concentration camp, from which he never returned. He probably died in 1944.