Sylwester Baliński was born in 1862. Husband of Agnieszka (b. 3 January 1877, d. 5 February 1959), father of Kazimierz (b. 30 January 1898, d. 22 May 1988), father-in-law of Janina (née Kuleta, b. 23 December 1897, d. 24 August 1966), grandfather of Stanisława (married name Borończyk, b. 4 April 1925). The Balińskis hid Jan Pański and his family – Jews whom they had known before the war. Jan, Paulina and Eugenia Pański survived the War. Sylwester passed away on August 31st, 1944.

The Baliński family was awarded the title of Righteous Among the Nations in 2002.