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Mr. Jan Drodzik told us the story of his father-in-law. His wife’s father, during the Second World War Władysław Wędrychowicz, lived in Biecz. He organized and sent food parcels to the Warsaw Ghetto.

– Hello, Wladek, what are you sending out there today? – with a playful look Maria asked a friend of hers who was entering the back-room of the post office. – Good morning, Marysia, good morning – greeted Wladyslaw, laden with eggs and meat. – I have cigars, cognac, box of chocolates and silk stockings today,” he replied in a serious tone, as a lawyer would. – I’ll leave these stockings to myself,” laughed the woman, taking off from the shelf the boxes into which she was going to pack the brought goods. It was lunchtime, Maria closed the post office for a while, so they could afford to talk freely. – In the next few days I probably won’t be able to bring anything, I have urgent matters to take care of – said Wladek mysteriously. Maria, however, did not query. She knew that if her help was needed, Wladislaw would surely tell her about it. „If he doesn’t ask for anything, it’s safer for me not to know”. – she thought. She knew that the he was in agreement with the Home Army, that he was in a monastery with the sisters, where help for the persecuted was organized. However, she preferred not to know the details. The man managed to avoid death by a miracle twice already, escaping the Germans who were coming after him.

When they wrapped up the food he had brought, the man quickly made up a German surname and wrote it in the recipient’s box. It was pretty unusual. – I won’t write Schmidt anymore, as it will turn out again that some Schmidt will actually turn up and collect the package – he explained to his friend, seeing her astonished look. – Huh, it was a story… – Maria nodded her head. – It was a miracle that nothing came of it… It had to reach some kind of wet sock – added Wladyslaw. – I will add a camp sticker to mislead others, and it is ready to go, said the post office worker, pressing that special stamp with her fist. – Thanks and see you later! – said Wladyslaw. – In a few days I will return here for sure – he promised. And he kept his word.

Together with Maria Wanat, Wladyslaw Wedrychowicz sent several thousand eggs and a few tons of pork to the Warsaw ghetto.



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