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During our visit to Skopanie, we visited Zofia Mazur, who is the daughter of Stanislaw and Maria Durda. Zofia told us the story of her family. Her parents were helping Berk, a man of Jewish descent.

– Stach, you’ve always been like a brother to me. And you are… And for the rest of my life I will not be able to thank you for keeping me here, for giving me food, for letting me warm in the house. I wouldn’t have survived the winter in the forest… – started a Jew, whom the Durdas from the village of Durdy were hiding in a barn during the war.
– What are you talking about, Berek? Say what you have to say – Stanislaw got annoyed.
– Stachu, I have to go somewhere else. I would go to Obara where others are – Berek announced, chewing a slice of bread.
– When are you going?
– In a moment. There’s nothing to wait for,” he answered with sadness. They both shake hands and cling firmly to each other.
– Good luck, may God protect you – Stanislaw said goodbye to the Jew.
The man looked around, he did it with a impulse, and disappeared in the distance. At Obara’s farm, he was not given the chance to survive. Someone noticed additional bedding on the fence. And denounced it to the Germans. The Germans appeared quickly and took those in hiding to Debica. Maria, Stanislaw’s wife, went to visit them with food. She only dared once.
When she came back, she was paralyzed. – The Germans… the Germans interrogated me – she explained to her husband and sank heavily onto the chair. It took a long time before she recovered. After the war, a statue of Mary Immaculately Conceived was erected in the courtyard of Mr. and Mrs. Durda.


Like a brother.


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