During the occupation Henryk and Albina Wiercińscy lived with their son Franciszek, his wife Bronisława and their son Grzegorz in the village Borejki (Wileński province). In the period 1942-1943 they provided help for two Jews: mother and daughter, Fańca and Noemi (who was about 17 years old then). Noemi told me years later: „I Remember my mother asking Henryk and Albina to gave us just one favor, to drove us to Głęboki town, where my mother’s brothers were still alive in ghetto. But the answer was: „You will stay with us, what will happen to us, it will be with you.” Such people they were. Thanks to them we are now alive.”

The German gendarmes were searching the area for rescued Jewish fugitives. The search was also in the Wiercińkichs’ farm. When they entered the house, Henryk flushed with fear, but Albina has kept her composure and calmly pointed them the ground floor, saying -„Look!”

At this time, she went to the attic and told the women to escape through the back door to nearby fields. Mrs. Wiercińska quickly hid under some clothing the needlework and a letter written in Yiddish. She poured water from the bottle.

Helena Pokojska – daughter of Franciszek and Bronisława, in a letter to Noemi said: „Glory to God, thanks to him your and our family life was saved.” Later, the women were hiding in the barn. When winter passed, Noemi’s brother, Mendel, took the woman to the partisans.

Noemi and Fańka survived the occupation and after war moved to Israel. Albina always when she told the story to her grandchildren summarized: “The Mother of God hid us under her great coat.”.


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