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Andrzej Józef Horodecki told us the story of his parents, Mieczysław and Henryka Horodecki. They were hiding a sick nun of Jewish origin in their house.

She was already an old lady. She was sore, with swelling all over her body. In those days it was said that she suffered from water droplets, like St. Anthony of Padua. She had years of religious service behind her, although she was of Jewish descent. However, the monastic habit did not protect her from the German lust for genocide. – We have to help her somehow. Otherwise the Germans will murder her. We will have to separate some corner in the apartment – Mieczysław and Henryka Horodeccy, Poles living in Kowel, discussed. The decision was difficult, because it was not only the life of the Jewish woman, but also of themselves and their son Andrzej that was at stake. However, they did, what they agreed. They hid the nun in a separate room. Because of her health condition, they were often visited by a doctor. And so it was for six months.

The city was getting more and more dangerous. Germans were hanging around, and to top it all off – at night on the streets bandits from the Ukrainian Insurgent Army were hanging around. At nights they murdered inhabitants from the suburbs. Jews and Poles. There was no way out – you had to get out of Kowel. The direction: the spiritual heart of Poland – Częstochowa. The escape was not easy, the Germans were shooting at the wagon they were driving. In spite of everything, it worked. They reached Częstochowa.

Helping a nun


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