The congregation of Sisters of the Holy name of Jesus was founded by blessed Honorata Koźmińskiego in 1887. In the course of their duties, sisters were running school in Suchedniów. During the occupation the building was established as a orphanage. Part of it was occupied by the SS detachment. Despite this, in 1943 the superior mother of the house, Serafia Adela Rosolińska hid one and a half year old Joasia. The girl was brought by a man who claimed that her family from Łódź will come later for her.

Nun Rosolińska arranged help from 29 year old Kornelia Jankowska. She was taking care of Joasia almost for two years and during this time truly devoted herself to the girl. After that time she was taken away from the sisters, after the war, in 1945. She never met those nuns again. Sister Rosolińska died in 1952 and Kornelia in 2004.

Little Joasia was found in Australia were she lived under the name of Joan Kristen. The woman tried to get to the people who saved her from death and to learn something more about herself. She managed to do it this with the help of the Grey Nuns from Warsaw. They contacted her with Honorata Trela. Joan met with her and learn many things about her past. During the meeting she was so touched by the story that of the gratitude she gave all her efforts to pass the history of brave nuns, thanks to what both sisters received title of Righteous among the Nations of the World.

The congregation of sisters of the Holy name of Jesus helped Jewish children also in other parts of the country. Sister Maria Herman from Klimontowa Sandomierskiego hid on the territory of the orphanage three young Jewish women: Iwona, Lucyna and Maria. The children were there from 1943 to 1945. They survived only thanks to the help of the sisters.


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