– Idel, listen to me carefully. You will now go to my brother, who lives in Cezarow. His name is Boleslaw Ksiazek. At his place you will find a quiet corner and something to eat – the boy, a refugee from the Warsaw ghetto, was instructed by Henryk Książek from Aleksandrowka. – Boleslaw is married, however, he has no children. You will be like a son to him – he continued. – You should not be seen, as you know, the Germans have weasels everywhere – he added.

The boy arrived soon. The Ksiazeks received him warmly, and he – as far as possible – helped them on the farm. One day a young Jew was spotted by Waclaw Biernacki, the village leader of Cięciwa Jędrzejów. He told the German military police about it. On 12 May 1943, at 5 a.m., the Germans began a search. Boleslaw’s wife, Aleksandra, managed to escape through the window.

She was crawling through the field, so no one noticed her. Boleslaw was not so lucky. The Germans beat him so that the walls were dripping with his blood. Idel, who stayed overnight in the barn, quickly realized the situation and hid in the machine drum. But the Germans found him there anyway. The Germans shot both him and Boleslaw in the forest – about 2 km from the village. Idela was buried in the forest, on the execution site. The Pole was moved, but only after a sufficiently high amount was paid to the Germans. The livestock was requisitioned and Aleksandra was displaced from the estate.