Mieczysław Kwiatkowski lived in Cechówka with his parents, Janina and Stefan, and his siblings: Janina, Danuta, Sylwester and the youngest, Ignacy.

When the liquidation of the Cechówka ghetto began in 1942, Jewish man named Chaim often knocked on their door asking for a meal. On one occasion, he brought his two children with him. He wanted the Kwiatkowskis to give them shelter for the night. After a few days, Mrs. Stanisława Kowalczyk, a neighbour, came to the Kwiatkowskis instead, with news about Chaim’s death. The Kwiatkowskis obtained a safe address and managed to transport Jewish siblings to Otwock, just in time for a German search.

The gendarmes suspected Janina of selling meat, which could have been the reason for the raid. Chaim’s children probably survived the German occupation and left for the USA.


  • Mieczysław Kwiatkowski

    Mieczysław Kwiatkowski