„They led the Jews out, shot them in the woods and buried them there. I think nobody got them out of there. For sure. They took my grandfather, grandmother and their youngest son, Stefan, to Busko. They released my grandmother and boy and took my grandfather away,” recalls Henryk Adamczyk’s granddaughter (born July 6, 1880). She was not given the opportunity to meet her grandfather, sit on his lap and listen to stories from his childhood, because the Germans murdered him in Auschwitz. It was probably in 1944. They took him there just before Christmas – 19 December 1943. He was guilty of the fact that he and his wife, Maria, were giving shelter in their own home to the 14-person Jewish family Rajt from Pińczów.

On December 1, 1943, German military police invaded the Adamczyks’ property in Bogucice. They surrounded the house and demanded that all the Jews be turned over. Henry wasn’t home at the time. Thirteen people left the hiding place and, trying to save their lives, gave all the valuable things to the Germans. The Germans seized the valuables, and shot the owners. One of the Jews was lucky enough to hide in the attic and eventually escape. They returned for Henry the next day. They arrested the whole family. Maria and her younger son were released, and the older one, Edward, was taken to forced labour in Germany. He came back from it in 1945, but his father wasn’t there anymore.