Suffocating smoke was hovering over the village of Moszenki near Jastkow. The remains of the Wysmulski family farm were slowly dying out. The livestock – 4 cows, 12 pigs, hens, and more valuable items that remain – were stolen by the Germans, who on September 25, 1943, set fire to the property of Polish farmers. The inhabitants were murdered. It was a punishment for helping Jews. The Germans found out about it from… one of the Jewish women hiding on the Wysmulski farm.

The Jews, and there were about 20 of them, used an earth shelter, to which the Wysmulski family supplied them with food, medicine and bandages from the pharmacy in Grabow. The hiding Jews were armed and took part in various secret actions. One of the Jewish women couldn’t stand the mood that had formed in the hiding place and reported. It did not take long for the Germans to react.

Among the murdered were Zofia Wysmulska and her help – Marianna Barszcz, as well as surprised Jews staying in the shelter. Four of them managed to escape from the burning trap, however they also were reached by the German „justice”. The Jews were buried on Wysmulski farm in the place of execution, the bodies of Zofia and Marianna rested on the cemetery in Grabow.