On Jagiellońska Street, at number 32 in Warsaw, lived the Grudziński family of five: the married couple Zofia and Leon and their children: Zosia, Mirosława and Stefan. At the end of 1942 they had a relative staying with them – Gienia Skalska. In reality, the girl, Gina Rapaport, was a Jew who had escaped with her father from the Radom ghetto. The Grudzińskis did their best to make the girl, who had experienced the cruelty of war, feel at home. The tragedy occurred on 14 April 1944. Zosia and her brother Stefan, an activist of Kedyw, were arrested by the Gestapo. They were sent to the prison in Szucha Street, and later to the Pawiak prison. After a series of brutal interrogations, Stefan was sent to the camp in Stutthof, where he lived to see the end of the war, while Zofia was shot on 17 May 1944 in the ruins of the ghetto.