Stanisław Błażowski told the story of how, in Czaszyna, a Jew named Szwarc hid with Władysław Torba. The man survived the war and returned to Sanok – his home town. In Lesko, doctor Lisikiewicz hid a Jewish woman, whom he married after the war.

Stanisław Błażowski’s family were also involved in helping Jews. From the Zasław ghetto, the Jew Aaron Sznajder – a family acquaintance – brought his sister-in-law and her daughter. The women hid in the attic for several months. Later, together with Aaron, they made their way to Hungary.

Tadeusz Strzelecki told the story of the Hanus family, who lived on the outskirts of the forest. Hanus was a gamekeeper. He sheltered two Jews. One of them was murdered in this hiding place, the other managed to escape to Józef Balowski, however, the Gestapo came after him there too. The man took his own life, and the Balowskis were taken to Kraków.


  • Tadeusz Strzelecki, Stanisław Błażowski

    Tadeusz Strzelecki, Stanisław Błażowski

  • Stanisław Błażowski

    Stanisław Błażowski

  • Stanisław Błażowski z rodzeństwem

    Stanisław Błażowski z rodzeństwem