– I brought them here, at night, and for that night I kept them here – without a shadow of fear on his face, 18-year-old Waclaw Budziszewski declared to the Germans who came to the farmstead. The gendarmes surrounded the buildings and led everyone outside. Someone denounced to them that the Budziszewski family which lived nearby the forest in Żebry Laskowiec is hiding Jews from Nur. Hearing the noise, the Jews came out of their hiding place beneath the barn. At the sight of the Germans they started to run away, to which the gendarmes responded with fire. The whole Jewish family was shot dead. Wacław was arrested and on February 27, 1943 he was imprisoned in the Stutthof camp (camp number 19 988). The remaining members of the Budziszewski family: father Henryk, mother Stanisława, brother Konstanty and another brother, were taken to a POW camp near Królewiec. They were released from there at the end of the war. Wacław Budziszewski died on the territory of KL Stutthof on April 1, 1943 at 11.20 pm.