– Listen, you will survive, there is only one condition: who helped you?! Names! But all of them! Talk! – screamed a German to a Jew who was shot during the escape. The man, tired of fear and running, was breathing with difficulty. The wound after the shot caused him terrible pain. „I could stay with others – the thought went through his head – only a moment and that was it. Without suffering. I guess…”. The man was aware that all those who remained in the dugout died. The explosion of the grenade did not give any chance of survival. However, in his head were rumbling words that he had just heard: „You will survive.” The German pressed the rifle butt to the head of the lying one. – Talk! – the German repeated. – I will tell you everything – the wounded man stutter out. The German moved the rifle away. A moment later the Germans were already on their way. Direction: Rudnik Szlachecki, Pyrów family farm

.The Poles did not expect anything at all. They were engaged in everyday duties. Only Jan, one of two sons of Katarzyna Pyra, was missing from the house. When the unannounced guests forced through the door of the house, Katarzyna Pyra’s daughter, Jadwiga Janczarek, was cuddling her little boy. – Leave the mother with the child. Shoot the rest of them – the order was given. Jadwiga’s older daughter managed to hide in the barn together with her aunt Janina, daughter-in-law of Katarzyna Pyra. The rest of the people were murdered. The Jew, who was promised life, was also shot.

On November 4, 1942, at Pyra’s farm, Germans killed: Katarzyna Pyra, her son Stefan Pyra and Józef Janczarek – Katarzyna’s son-in-law, Jadwiga’s husband and father of two small children. Jadwiga died a month later as a result of her traumatic experiences. She lost her husband, she lost her mother, she also lost her brother… The shock was so great that she fell ill with meningitis and did not recover from it. Jan Pyra, the second son of Catherine, survived only thanks to a navy blue police officer. The man warned him in time to not come home, because the drama is taking place there. The Poles were killed for the help they had given to a group of Jews, including the Pini family, who were hiding in a forest dugout for several months. Katarzyna Pyra and her children knew them even before the war. Until 4 November they brought them food, clothes and medicines. And that is what they were murdered for.