– Everyone, it must be the end of the world! July 7, 1943: it must be the apocalypse – the women from Pawłosiów lamented. The German gendarmes and Gestapo officers were heavily besieging the village. All the men were spent in the local school building. There was a guerrilla hunt. Unpleasant interrogations began. The lucky ones – those who received a card with the letter A – could go home. Three residents received the letter B – they were waiting to be transported to the labour camp in Pustków. The letter C has not yet been assigned.

– Check with the Czerwonkas. They have three Jewish children at their home: two boys and a little girl – a neighbor of the above mentioned spoke in a servant tone. Some time earlier, he had an argument with Franciszek Czerwonka and thus decided to take revenge. There was no need to wait for the Germans to respond. Apart from Franciszek and his 18-year-old son Stanisław, Julia, Franciszek’s wife, was also brought. However, the Germans did not find the Jews mentioned by the neighbour. They never found them. They were children of Julia’s nephew, who married a Jewish girl.

The Gestapo men started the interrogation with Stanislaw. In front of his parents’ eyes: they ripped out his fingernails, rubbed his nose, kicked him unconscious. Finally, they shot him. After that, it was the turn of 55-year-old Julia, and at the end, a 56-year-old Franciszek was dealt with. The bodies of the murdered three were buried in the pasture behind the school. Today there is a monument there to remind us of those tragic events.