– It’s bad they are coming out like that … – said Stanisław, saddened.

– Mhm, it worries me too – said Anna.

– However, I would probably not be able to stay locked up all the time if I were them… – she expressed her thoughts loudly.

– I understand that, but you know how it was with little Hania. If it were not for the story with the denunciation, I would probably not be so nervous now – added Stanisław.

A little earlier, the Decs had a brush with death. One night someone left a four-year-old daughter of the Jacek family at their doorstep, who had been hiding with them together with a man called Szulim. Hania stayed at home with the Decs, running around the yard, playing with three of their own children. Someone „kind”, upon recognizing Jewish features in her beauty, notified the police. The Decs had a lot of trouble, because of it. Somehow, however, they managed to hand the girl over to the nuns, and the matter quieted down for some time.

On a daily basis, the Jews hid in the stable – in the hideout that Stanisław made for them. However, longing for space, air and daylight, they were coming to the house. Unfortunately, also here the human „kindness” proved to be reliable … On March 16th 1944, the Germans surrounded the house. Stanisław worked in a carpentry workshop at that time, whereas the Jews were taking full advantage of the „freedom” at the house. However, realizing the gravity of the situation, they returned to the stable as fast as they could, one only hid in the attic. And it turned out to be the biggest mistake of his life. Grave mistake actually. The Germans invaded the attic in the first place. After a while a shot was fired. The man lay dead. The Germans dealt with Stanisław in the same way. For Anna they were a bit more „gracious” – they have beaten her nearly unconscious. They did not find the other Jews. All three survived the war. After the war ended, Mrs. Jacek found Hania and left with her to Israel.