Stanisław and Janina Wysoccy lived in Lubartów village. Janina worked as a teacher, Stanisław was an official of the magistrate, founder and leader of fire station orchestra.

In late July of 1942 the marriage heard a crying baby nearby. When they went out on their porch, they found the baby wrapped in diapers, without any note. Stanisław and Janina had no children of their own. so they gave all their love and devoted themselves for this three or five months old girl. They guessed that she must have been a Jewish baby. With great affection named her „Niunia”. Immediately after the war, they baptized her in the Lublin Cathedral and gave the name Bożena. The marriage registered the child as their own.

In 1946 to Wysockich came Maria Plecha accompanied by Marek Watnicki. The woman said that she is the biological mother of the girl. Wyssoccy couldn’t understand how they are suppose to gave the girl away after raising her and loving as their own child. The case was introduce to the court in Lublin. On the basis of court decision, Janina and Stanisław were obliged to give the child back to her biological mother.

However, they asked Maria to refrain from departure of the child abroad, and live with them for some time. They wanted for the girl to learn to accept this new situation.

The parting was difficult for both. The child was in tears. Maria, her daughter, and Marek went to USA and lived with uncle of biological father of Bożenka. Her name was changed to Ellen. She never forget about her adoptive parents, and exchange letters with them. After the death of Stanisław and Janina she wrote with relatives of Wysockich.


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