– It’s heartbreaking just to think about how they’re torturing those poor children there. It’s inhuman – in Zuzanna’s voice, there was a lamentation. – That is why they cannot be left alone,” confirmed Rudolf. – On the one hand, yes, while on the other hand… I am concerned about you, Rudolf… – Zuzanna gave a meaningful look at her husband. Rudolf knew the consequences for those who supports in any way those with Jewish roots. But his conscience did not allow him to be inactive.

Just like Josef Kierth (born April 28, 1917 in Muszyna; son of Adam and Antonina née Łuczyńska), Rudolf Bilański helped Jews whenever he had the opportunity. For this reason, in the autumn of 1942, he and Josef were arrested and taken to the prison in Radom and then to the concentration camp at Majdanek. On March 5, 1943, his death was registered. On April 12, 1943, he would have turned 36. There is nothing more known about the fate of Josef Kierth.