October 19, many Poles associate with the crime of an innocent man. Or rather, with the crime of „guilty of mercy towards another human being”. On that day, in 1984, Security Service officers brutally murdered the ” Solidarity ” chaplain Fr Jerzy Popiełuszko, now blessed.

On the same day, 41 years earlier, German officers shot four Poles in Wola Komborska: Zofia Inglot, the spouses of Józef and Katarzyna Prejzner, as well as Janina Kwolek, who worked for them.

Zofia Inglot, like Fr Jerzy, also died for her mercy – during the occupation she hid two Jewish children in her home. They were also killed by the Germans. The Prejzner family and the young Janina Kwolek were punished for giving shelter to a young Jewish woman named Gołda. The murdered were buried in a common grave in the cemetery in Kombornia.