Piotr Domański lived with his wife and sons in the village of Rzążew (Siedlce County). In a hiding place under the barn, which was located in the field in Kolonia Wielgorz, the Polish family sheltered Jews and partisans. They also brought them food.

8 April 1943 – As a result of a denunciation – the German gendarmerie came to Domanskis’ farm. Piotr, Antoni and Franciszek were cruelly beaten, and then transported to the forest in a wagon and shot dead. During the execution, the village mayor was present.

Piotr Domanski’s wife did not suffer physical injury, however, she saw through the window how the Germans murdered her loved ones. This is confirmed by one of the witnesses: „And at some point it was found out that they were hiding there, the Germans came and murdered them – the father and two sons. And somewhere in the forest there, near the forest […] they buried them. In front of her eyes it was happening […]”.

Piotr was 77 years old on the day of his execution, his sons Franciszek 37 and Antoni 31. Their bodies were buried in the cemetery in Zbuczyn.