Marianna Adasiak (later Bartoszewska) lived with her family in Ursus (today a district of Warsaw). In 1939 she was widowed with two children: Irena and Leszek. Working as a dressmaker, she had to carry the burden of supporting the family on her shoulders. In 1942, she gave shelter to a Jewish couple and their child. Estera and Zygmunt Szaniawski (during the German occupation they functioned as the Szczepańskis), together with their daughter Basia, hid in the Adasiak home for a year and a half. Marianna’s children, aware of the danger of helping people of Jewish origin, helped their mother to keep it a secret. When the threat of denunciation hung over them, Marianna found the Szaniawski’s a new hiding place. First, they took shelter with Mrs Tomalowa-Zrębska, and then with the Kakiet family. The liberation found them in another hiding place in Michałowice near Grojec. After the war the Szaniawski family settled in Otwock, where they ran a dental practice. Finally, they emigrated with their daughter Basia (later Batya Rapaport) to Israel.

Marianna Adasiak and her daughter Irena were awarded the title „Righteous Among the Nations” on 4th June 1989.