– Mr Marcin… – a quiet call came to the Pole. He looked around, but saw no one who might want to talk to him. „I must have misheard”. – he thought.He had just finished his day’s work at the Radom arms factory and was gathering himself to go home. Suddenly he felt someone gently grab his sleeve. Next to him was a Jew who worked in the same factory, only that he was forced to do so. – Mr Marcin, I know you will help me… I need you to deliver a letter to the address on the envelope… – the man whispered to him imploringly. The Pole looked around carefully to see if anyone was watching them and discreetly slipped the envelope under his jacket. – I will try – he answered quietly.

When he left work, he immediately checked the address where he was supposed to deliver the letter. However, he did not reach the addressee – the Germans caught him. They arrested him on 28 January 1943 and took him to the prison in Malczewskiego Street. He spent there about two weeks – that is how long the investigation lasted. Immediately afterwards, on 11 February 1943, he was taken away in a special transport to Auschwitz. He died on 12 March 1943. – just after a month of fighting for survival. He would have turned 55 on 19 July.