– We’ll find a way for you, you give us everything in details – the German was murmuring. Chaim and Szmul Neigreschl, Jewish brothers caught by the Germans, were already at the end of their strength. The German torture was more and more sophisticated, equally cruel, and the brothers were less and less conscious. The torturers, however, took care to ensure that the victims did not draw their last breath until they revealed the names of those who helped them. Finally, with the least remaining strength, they spit out: Ludwik Borek from Mystków and Jakub Tokarz from Ptaszkowa. The Germans were just waiting for that. Ludwik (born 1909) was killed in an execution in 1943 in Mystków. His body was buried in the local cemetery. Jakuba (born July 20, 1894) was shot on June 28, 1944 in Zbylitowska Góra, by a sentence of the Temporary Court. The execution was preceded by imprisonment and numerous tortures.