– You can’t stay in here anymore. The Germans are snooping around here. You will go to Gąciarze in Piotrkowice. They will organize something for you,” Anthony explained to the Jews in hiding. There wasn’t much time. The Jews got together quickly and went to the given address. The Gaciarz put them in the basement under the barn. Antoni and Bronislawa Koziol felt relieved. „If they don’t find anyone here, I guess they’ll leave us alone…” – the spouses were comforted by this thought. However, they were most worried about their daughters, Maria and Teresa.

The Germans came on 17 June 1941. The denunciation was clear: „Anthony and Bronislawa Koziol, Szczepanowice. They are hiding Jews”. That was enough for everyone in the house to be punished. On that day, Antoni and Bronisława Kozioł, together with their daughters Maria and Teresa and Genowefa, were killed for the care they gave to people of Jewish origin.

The Jews in hiding managed to survive. Although the Germans arrived in Piotrkowice a few days later, they ended up torturing the Gaciarz’s marriage, knocking their son Roman unconscious and physically abusing their neighbor Helena Adwent, who was present in the house. The search was not carried out and the Jews were not found.