–          Oi, a Jew is fleeing into the field – said one of the Germans to his companions whilst driving along the road from Urzędów to Kraśnik.

–          Regards! – yelled the German to the man lurking from the crops.

–          Where are you coming from? – he asked.

The Jew clamber out of the field and, with wretched expression and unaware that he was about to sentence a Pole, replied:

–          I am coming back from a feldcher, Dzikowski Julian.

There was no need to repeat it. The Germans soon  turned up at the farm of the Dzikowski family in Urzędów, where both Polish partisans and Jews were seeking medical help. At the sight of the Germans approaching Julian attempted to flee. However, it was too late – he died in his own yard, from a bullet shot by a German rifle. It all happened in July 1943.