– Josepha, don’t return home if you want to live, do you hear us? – The neighbors from Zazamcze insisted. However, the woman came home. The Germans were already waiting for her. – Grab a shovel and dig – the German yelled. The Polish woman, terrified, carried out the order. – And now kneel here – an order was given. After a moment a shot was fired, and the woman slid down. – Well, there you have it. The gendarmes spit on the dug-up. – You won’t help any more Jews, you sister of mercy – he squeezed through his teeth with contempt. A few days earlier, the Germans were to shoot six Jews, including the Metzger family of three, whom Józef helped. And for this help, the woman was punished by death. The Polish woman sheltered people of Jewish descent in her dwellings and provided food to those who were hiding in the nearby forests on a daily basis. The murder took place in September 1944.