– Ka-łu-żyń-ska Jó-ze-fa, village Że-le-źni-ca. Right. Noted and, in fact, done – noted the German officer, murmuring to himself. He was writing down details from a tip-off regarding a Polish woman who was supposed to be involved in hiding Jews. In the end, he corrected the appearance of the letters. – Aesthetics – an important thing! – he smiled to himself.

Only a short time passed between the registration of the tip and the execution of the procedure: arrest, interrogation and murder. April 1943. Józefa’s minor son Janek was sent to Auschwitz as a gesture of mercy. It was estimated that „something could still be made out of him”. – He was young, strong, and fit for work. The boy managed to survive and lived to see the liberation of the camp.


  • Kazimierz Prokop

    Kazimierz Prokop

  • Adam Szałowski

    Adam Szałowski