With a shot in the back of the head, he killed her husband, Jozef, first, and then her. The next one was supposed to be their son, Wladyslaw (born January 1, 1922), a witness of an earlier execution. At that moment, a policeman, Mikolaj Leszega, approached the Gestapo man, Karl Hauch, who was aiming at the boy. In German, the policeman, asked oficer to spare child’s life, „because he is still young and has nothing to do with it”. The Gestapo man let it go.

This happend on 5 February 1943 in Szerzyny ( malopolskie voivodeship) in the farm of the Augustyn family. In July of the previous year, Jews came there asking for shelter. There were seven of them: Chirszfeld Cheszek and Rajza’s sister and Lichtman Cheszek and Chinda’s sister. The other three Jews are probably members of the Haskel family.  The Augustyns took them under their roof, although they were aware what might happen to them for that. Jozef and his son built a shelter for the Jews in the barn. Jozef prepared meals, and his son carried it to them. The hiding place functioned until February 2, 1943, when the local police carried out a search in the Augustyn house. All Jews who had been hiding on the farm were arrested. Three days later the Germans showed up.

Józef and Józefa are buried in the parish cemetery in Szerzyna. As Stanislaw Zawila, a neighbor of Augustyns, recalls, the burial took place in secret without funeral ceremonies. The death certificates were not issued for them either, as the family members were afraid of being arrested by the Gestapo.