Józef Abramowicz (born 1907) lived with his wife Janina in Warsaw. From the beginning of 1943, the couple became involved in helping fugitives from the Warsaw ghetto. Among the people they helped were Mrs Dancigier and her twins, Bronisław Klin, engineer Leper, Aleksander Marek Malec and Rella Głowińska. The fate of the latter two in particular was connected with that of the Abramowicz family. Józef and his wife hid Aleksander for some time and when he obtained false documents, the man employed him in his workshop. Abramowicz spread the news among his friends and clients that Malec was Ukrainian. Three-year-old Rella Głowińska (later Rella Robinson) was given to the Abramowiczs by her parents. The couple adopted the girl and looked after her during the war. In 1950, Rella’s relatives took her to Israel.

On 21st May 1975 Józef and Janina Abramowicz were honoured by the Yad Vashem Institute as „Righteous Among the Nations”.