– Where are they? – Jan Domaradzki asked his brother-in-law in a hushed tone.

– In the attic, Stanisław Szczepaniak pointed with a nod.

– I brought some food and blankets. Outside it gets colder and colder – Jan started to pull out the packages.

– Great, it will come in handy,” said Władysław, Stanisław’s brother. – There are three of them: father, mother and child,” he added. – It’s a pity to talk,” said Wladyslaw, who was overcome with helplessness and sadness.

– If nobody denounces us, we will keep them here until the end of this senseless turmoil, as Antoni, the third of the Szczepaniak brothers, expressed somewhat cheerfully.

And this would probably have happened if it had not been for the fact that on 11 December 1943 the Germans caught up with them and shot them. All four of them. They also murdered the father of the Jewish family. His wife and child disappeared.