Above the ruins of the house of the three-person Bobowski family in Lipiny (Dębicki district), suffocating smoke was still hovering. The massacred body of the host, Jan Bobowski, lay nearby. He was cruelly beaten and ultimately shot for hiding in the house Jews from Pilzno – three women and a man. After the „job” was finished with a sense of well fulfilled duty, the German military policemen with commander Pionek at the head returned to their post in Pilzno. What happened to the Jews? No one knows. Jan’s wife, Weronika née Papiernik (born 23 December 1898), and their child were earlier escorted by one of the gendarmes to their nearest neighbour, Władysław Gnat. It was June 1943.

The body of Jan Bobowski (born on 28 March 1891) was buried in the parish cemetery in Pilzno.