Jan Samojedny and his wife Maria lived in Głogów Małopolski. During the occupation, after the liquidation of the ghetto in 1942, they sheltered Mojżesz Wachtel in their house. „This house of theirs was located near the Jewish cemetery, at the edge of the town. For the Jew, the Samojednys prepared a special hiding place.

On 18 February 1943 the Germans from Rzeszów arrived in Głogów. During the night of 18/19 February they surrounded the Samojedny’s house and searched it. They did not find Mojżesz, as the Jew managed to escape, yet most probably did not survive until the end of the war.

The Germans discovered a hiding place in the house of Jan and Maria, and on this basis accused the couple of harbouring Jews. They shot Jan on the spot and brutally interrogated Maria in order to get her to reveal information about the people in hiding. Maria did not reveal any information, for which she was shot.