Henryk (born 10.01.1915) and Janina Adamski lived in Warsaw on Chłodna Street. The outbreak of war led Henryk to become involved in underground activity. As „Prawdzic”, he belonged to the Praga Battalion of Sappers, a unit of „Chwacki”, with whom he fought in the Warsaw Uprising. The Adamskis’ fight against the occupant was not limited to military action. For some time, the couple sheltered 10 people of Jewish origin in their flat. Helping such a large group of people was quickly noticed by the caretaker of the building, and also, by the other tenants. Fortunately, no one turned the Adamskis over to the German authorities and all ten Jews managed to survive the liberation. After the war, they emigrated all over the world. Henryk and Janina, on the other hand, moved to Łódź, because Henryk was facing a death sentence for his underground activities. In accordance with the wishes of both of them, once dead, their bodies were buried in the Bródno Cemetery in Warsaw.