– Today I also have the mail,” said Franciszek. From his bag he slipped out the food prepared by his wife Maria, and immediately afterwards he handed the men correspondence. He was the recipient of letters from the Płaszów camp written by relatives of Leon Gelcalder and a man named Eizberg, Jews hiding in the forests near the town of Osobnica.

Until January 1943, the Belniaks, who lived in Głęboka (Gorlice district), provided help to the Jews in hiding. At the beginning of 1943, the Germans organized a raid in the forests near Osobnica. They executed every Jew they found. They also searched their hideouts. In one of them they found a bundle of letters with the address of Franciszek Belniak. Then they went to the indicated address, took him out to the threshold and shot him. It was 14 January 1943. Franciszek was 33 years old. He left his wife and orphaned his daughter.