Father Teodor Popczyk served as curate at St Barbara’s parish in Częstochowa during the German occupation. When the local ghetto underwent liquidation, many Jews began to seek help from the local community. Fr Popczyk showed extraordinary courage and commitment by hiding Jews in his flat in the presbytery. He also issued them with baptismal certificates, on the basis of which they could obtain falsified identity documents.

After some time, one of the Jews was caught by the Germans. He was in possession of documents that were found to be false during the investigation. Under torture, the Jew revealed who had issued him with the certificate. On 18 June 1943 the Gestapo came to the vicarage. Fr Popczyk had to flee to save himself. Unfortunately, he was wounded and died after two hours of torment.


  • ks. Teodor Popczyk

    ks. Teodor Popczyk

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