Szczepan Madej was born on 17th of October 1920 in Wilkanów near Płock. His parents were Piotr Madej and Anna (from house Sobótka). He was raised in Warsaw. He was the youngest of brothers – he had four more of them: Henryk, Stanisław, Roman and Józef. Szczepan was a scout. During the occupation he worked in a private firm of Brothers Balickich on the street Dobra 26. He belonged also to the firehouse1. Thanks to the legitimacy of the firefighter could move freely “during day and night”. As the driver he went to the fires.

Szczepan Madej took a part in taking down the fires in Warsaw ghetto which had place during its liquidation. Thanks for that H\he could took out people from the ghetto territory. The Jews get into the truck and hid under the firefighters equipment. Then Szczepan took them near Młociny where was appointed before gathering place. One day, a young Jewish woman, who was saved by him, gave him her revolver – it was later gave to the commander – Stefan Pilecki. In march of 1942 Stefan joined the Home Army. Acted within the Battle Group „Krybar” (Powiśle), the platoon 1105 Engine Columns „Wydra”. Madey, used the alias „Suchy” and later as the fact that he was the driver of the Ford, alias „Ford”. He participated in the Warsaw uprising. Was the driver of the rebel car „Kubuś”, who took part in the battles for the restoration of the building of the Warsaw University.

On September 3rd, 1944 when traveling by truck to brought wounded people was hurt himself. Died on 16th of December 2009.


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