Cecylia Adamiak lived with her daughter Helena in the village of Pakoszówka (Podkarpackie Province). From 1942 to 15 July 1944, i.e. when the Soviet army entered the area, they hid 3 people of Jewish origin: 2 women, together with the husband of one of them. These Jewish women were descended of the Gershen family, who had lived in Pakoszówka before the war. Mr and Mrs Gershen were the parents of 4 daughters: Estera, Peska, Hanka, Ryfka and one son – Herszek. The family worked in the processing of milk and trade in dairy products. Around 1938 both Estera and Peska got married and moved to neighbouring villages. In 1941 German military policemen shot the Gershen couple (probably in Jurowce). Their three remaining children were taken to the Sanok ghetto. Their further fate is unknown. About. 1942, Estera, her husband and Pesia returned to Pakoszówka and hid in the Wroczeń forest adjacent to the village. After some time, they were offered shelter in a cowshed by the Adamiak family. At night, the three of them would go to a Polish acquaintance, the Łańczak family, who fed them. Aleksander and Magdalena Łańczak lived in Pakoszówka with their children, Zofia, Władysław and Józef, and Aleksander’s mother, Katarzyna. Estera with her husband and Pesia managed to survive thanks to the help of both Polish families. After the War, they settled in Sanok, where Estera died. Some time later, Pesia and her brother-in-law emigrated to Israel.