Residents of the Radgoszcz village remember very deeply and painfully the events of 3 December 1943, when German military policemen carried out executions on Bronislawa and Tomasz Juzba, spouses who were hiding two Jews at their place. The murder committed by the Germans has torn the faith of the people of Radgoszcz in the fact that under the German uniform there is an ordinary man hiding – only that he was forced to carry out orders.- The Germans are NOT HUMAN! – it was repeated. There was no word to express the cruelty of the crime committed. Bronisława was 8 months pregnant. She was brutally pushed out of the house and ordered to stand by a dug-out pit. A shot was fired and the woman still alive slipped into the hole. The birth started. – Bury this scum – the order was given. She was buried alive, with a baby being born. Tomasz, of course, was also executed.