„Again? So many of these…” – Budzinski sighed under his nose, seeing another letter addressed to the Gestapo. He knew that inside there is denouncing letter about Poles who were hiding Jews. He quickly creased the envelope and hid it in his pocket. This is what he was doing every time he found such documents while sorting daily mail. He felt sorrow, because behind every denunciation there was a particular person, a particular individual, who, for some reason, turned another person, often the whole family, to death – often preceded by torture – from the hands of the German occupant. At the same time, he also felt a silent satisfaction that, thanks to his work, he could contribute in some way to limiting the horrible dramas. With such thoughts he left work that day – from the building of the Main Post Office in Radom. Passing the railway station, he noticed a wagon standing on a siding. When he realized that Jewish children were crowded inside, Budzinski rushed home. He already had a certain plan in his head, but he wanted to agree it with his wife earlier. – Sweetheart – while he was taking off his shoes, he greeted – could we take another child to foster? The woman, surprised, swallowing her saliva, repulsed: – I don’t understand… – You know, there’s a whole wagon with Jewish children at the station. Maybe we could save one of them? – He explained. – Oh – Mrs. Budzinska calmed down in a sense. She sat down, and announced decisively: – We are raising four of our own, so the fifth one could be brought up as well. A man gave his wife a smack on the cheek, and then almost flew out of the house. He had a good command of such actions. After all, he was a soldier of the Home Army, in 1920 he took part in the Polish-Bolshevik war, participated in many risky actions, where courage and cleverness were of great importance. Together with his wife, whenever there was an opportunity, they helped Jews fleeing the ghetto and gave them food. They wished to relieve the ghetto’s inhabitants at all costs. This happened until April 28, 1944. It was then that the Gestapo entered the Radom post office building. – You’re coming with us – a dry order from a German. Budzinski was sent to prison. In his house there was a search for letters – however, nothing suspicious was found. The next day, his wife, having found out about Bernard’s place of detention, decided to go there. – Lady, it’s better not to go there, because nobody walks out from there – she heard when she asked someone for directions. – But apparently, the sisters have some connections, that is, you can give them clean underwear, they will deliver it to a particular prisoner and take a pack of dirty things from there,” she found out. So she decided to use the sisters’ help. When Mrs. Budzinska received the package with dirty underwear for the first time, tears were running down her face. The woman cried and cried. The clothes were completely stained with blood. From then on, she provided her husband with clean underwear every week. One day she did not receive a return of her clothes… Bernard Budzinski was shot at Firlej by the Gestapo on July 8, 1944. He was 43 years old.