– Don’t look – the woman covered her daughter’s eyes and rushed in the opposite direction. On the horizon there was a body of a hanging man disturbed by the wind. It was a man called Baran from Hrubieszów. The Germans made a showcase of him to remind the people that helping Jews would result in a ruthless death.

The Pole has lived in a forest near Terebinia for some time. He built a bunker for himself there in order to hide from the Germans who were chasing him. One day, for unknown reasons, his house was attacked by the Nazis, and Baran, defending himself, mortally injured their commander. He managed to escape and since then he lived in a forest shelter. After a while, several Jews joined him – there could even be as many as ten of them. One day two Jewish women went to the village to get food, however, they were caught by the local Ukrainian population and handed over to the Germans. The Jewish women revealed their place of refuge to the Nazis. The Germans hurried to the indicated place and murdered everyone who was in the bunker. From the explosion of grenades Baran and Jews died.