He saw a human being in man, he brought help to all those in need – regardless of nationality. He was known to Poles, Jews and citizens of the USSR. In 1941-1943, Albin Arciszewski (born 1898), son of Michal Arciszewski, from the village of Orlicz near Garbowa (lubelskie voivodeship), helped the Jewish community by rescuing some of them from the Antopol ghetto. Among thoes who owe theire life to Albin are Dr. Piotr Czerniak with his wife and two daughters, Isaac Elfensztein, Lena Mazurska and Itka Wolyniec. In the long run, the kindness and warmth shown could not be concealed. In September 1943 the Germans came for Albin. For helping another man. They threw him into custody, tortured him and finally shot him.