– God, give us courage and strength. I am losing it – Zofia Dziakowa complained. She had a feeling that sooner or later some 'kind neighbour’ would report to the Gestapo about them. Too much was going on at their place. Pounds of food disappeared from their house and were taken to the forest – to hungry Poles and Jews who were hiding there from the occupants who were after them. In the attic of their house there were five Jews: three Bendys, Mondek Faust and Meler. Unfortunately, Zofia intuition did not fail. On October 27th, 1943, four Germans dressed in civilian clothes and one blue policeman stood at the door of Antoni and Zofia Dziak’s farm in the village of Będzienica. – This is search – Poles have heard. – Where do you keep these Jews, talk! – One of the Germans has thrown in. Dziaks were silent. Germans searched every corner. Eventually, one of them was growling: „Give me a ladder. We’re going to the attic. Zofia pretended to bring it. But she already had an escape plan in her head. There was a lot of confusion in the house, none of the Germans followed her and that is how the woman managed to escape. But her husband, Antoni, and their daughter stayed at home. The visitors – furious that a Polish woman outsmarted them – tortured the host, dragged him behind the house and shot him there. They did not find the Jews hidden in the attic under hay.