Wanda Adamczyk was born in 1927. During the German occupation, she lived with her mother, Anna Milczanowska (1899-1976), in a modest, one-room flat in Cracow on Plac na Groblach. In December 1942, a Jewish acquaintance asked Anna Milczanowska to hide her relatives, Estera Langdorf and her daughter-in-law Blanka, who had escaped from the ghetto in Brzesko. Despite poor living conditions, Anna agreed to hide the women. Estera hid in their flat until the end of the war, while Blanka stayed there intermittently. Throughout this period, Wanda and her mother also maintained contact with the women’s son and husband, Józef Langdorf, who was hiding in Wola Przemykowska (Małopolskie Province), in addition to helping other Jews from the Brześć ghetto. Furthermore, Anna helped Maria Bester, Estera’s daughter, to find accommodation and work. Wanda Adamczyk passed away in 2009.

The Yad Vashem Institute honoured the heroic attitude of Wanda Adamczyk and her mother Anna Milczanowska with the title „Righteous Among the Nations” on 29 September 1994.