Smoke, bang and that intense moment of silence – when a man dies, reached by the bullet…  This is how on the 18th of February 1943, in front of his desperate father, twenty-year-old Władek, an ordinary Polish boy, a partisan, a resident of Wola Przybysławska (lubelskie province), died. His only misgiving was that he helped some of the Jewish families, which were hiding in the nearby forest. He provided them with food and weapons. Having heard rumors about it, the German soldiers set off to search the forest soon after. The uncovered dugouts  together with people were blown up. Following this, the German soldiers went to Władek’s house to „administer justice”. Yet, the boy managed to hide. However, he understood that if his absence was to infuriate the Germans, they would punish him by setting the house on fire and killing his whole family. Motivated by the desire to save his loved ones, he came back. The Germans captured both him and his father and ushered them to the truck. Later, they’ve tossed them out of the truck in front of some random house. There – as Władek’s sister’s grandson explains – „they would continue to beat him until he has lost his consciousness, and when it would be clear that he was unconscious, they would pour cold water over him. Only to start beating him over and over again…. His father witnessed it all and as he was watching it one of the German soldiers shouted to him: „Do you see how you have raised your son?!”. Finally, tired of the cruelty they have inflicted upon this boy, they’ve released him and ordered to run.  However, how could an exhausted and beaten man achieve that?… After he managed to take few steps, they shot him in the back.