Nabróz is a village in the Lubelskie province, located about 40km from Zamość. During World War II the Kotarski family lived there. Zygmunt often spent time in the surrounding woods. He knew, that his wife, Katarzyna, sheltered in their home four Jews.

Katarzyna was aware of the fact that by opening her doors to the persecuted Jews she was endangering not only her own life but also that of her children: Jadwiga, Czesława, Henryki, Kazimiery, Alicji and her several months old Staś.

Jews came in 1943, when round-ups took place. They didn’t stay at Kotarskis’ all the time, only when it was dangerous. Four Jews hid at their place: Perla, Ruchla, Srul and Dworka. They were their neighbours. One of the hideouts was under the bed. Katarzyna laid blankets in such a way that they would reach the ground covering the space under the bed. One day, the Germans came. Someone reported them that they were hiding Jews in their home. Katarzyna remained calm, and assured them that it wasn’t true. Her children were playing in the same room. Little ones started screaming and crying. Their naughty behaviour discouraged the Germans, making them quickly leave Kotarskis’ home.

Another time all four was hiding in the attic. They were sitting inside the haulm, so they remained unnoticed. The ladder leading to the attic ran from the closet with the goat. It was the only safeguard. The Germans came saying that they knew they were sheltering Jews. They noticed the ladder and demanded to see the attic. Family started praying, as they knew there was no escape for them. Jews were saved by the goat. When Germans got near the room, she started bleating loudly. Offended Germans left the attic alone. Everyone survived.

Packet of sweets and citrus was sent to Kotarski family after the war as a form of saying thank you for saving their lives.


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