Szymon Adamczyk (1872-1944) lived with his wife Weronika and three sons: Józef, Bolesław, Stanisław in Wola Przybysławska (Lubelskie Province). In the autumn of 1942, the family became involved in helping Jews who had managed to escape during the liquidation of nearby ghettos. The Adamczyk family gave them food and accommodation. One such person was 16-year-old Dora Wasserstrum. After she was given shelter, the Jewish girl asked for help in finding her older sister Estera, who was hiding somewhere in the nearby forest. Bolesław went with the woman to the forest. Unfortunately, they found there the bodies of brutally murdered Jews, among whom was Estera. Bolesław took Dora back home, where they decided to give her a longer shelter. The woman remained with them until liberation. Throughout the entire period of hiding with the Adamczyk family, they treated her as a member of their family.

Szymon Adamczyk, together with his wife and sons Józef and Bolesław, were recognised as „Righteous Among the Nations” by the Yad Vashem Institute on 20th May 1992.